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Air Show Concessions

The Business End of the Air Show Industry

Official U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Licensed Manufacturer


Official U.S. Navy Blue Angel Licensed Manufacturer


Plane Things understands the 3 Truths behind Successfull Air Show concessions

Good Food 

This means providing quality tasting food and licensed merchandise in high volume for a good value. Plane Things partners with San Francisco Puffs & Stuff for food service as they provide consistant high quality food products and are a pleasure to work with. Check them out here or call 614-792-2654 for a combined food and novelty quote.

Easy to Work With

Nothing will bring your show more grief and ultimately complaints than a concessionaire that lacks professionalism,integrity and an understanding of a successful business model for food and merchandise delivery. We have just completed our 16th year in the air show industry. We are pilots and aircraft owners that understand the importance of quality long term relationships with both our Air Show clients and our customers. We offer our customers a 100% return policy for every product we sell along with high quality and affordable product lines that appeal to all American families.

Revenue Sharing

Money is what makes an air show succeed, and air shows need lots of it! Concessions is a source of that needed revenue. We provide our Air Shows guarenteed revenue against a pecentage of sales so you can "book" a revenue number before one ticket is sold or one plane takes to the sky. Plane Things sells more so your show makes more! Please call us today at 614-792-2654 to discuss your next event.


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